Why rent DVDs from BushidoFlix?


BushidoFlix (formerly BushidoDVD.com) is the leader in variety when it comes to renting instructional DVDs in any style of martial arts you can imagine. Centrally located right outside of Chicago, we were founded by a group of young professionals with a love for martial arts and with aspirations to create an online resource to help others.

It is our mission to provide martial arts enthusiasts of all levels access to quality video instruction in one convenient place. As practitioners and students of MMA and martial arts, we understand the challenges of expensive lessons and the high cost of martial arts instructional DVDs. With our service, you can have access to quality instructions, save money, and learn all the moves in the convenience and privacy of your home.  From Shaolin Kung Fu to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, and even UFC matches...you have it all here!


It’s really just easy and convenient. Follow these four simple steps and you’re good to go!

1. Select – Browse and select martial arts videos online and create a list of DVDs you want to watch. You can get it here.
2. Receive – DVDs are delivered to you FREE by first-class US Mail.
3. Watch and Learn – Relax, take your time, and enjoy the DVDs for as long as you want.
4. Return – Return the DVDs in the prepaid mailer provided and we’ll send you more from your rental queue.


Choose from our plans and get hundreds of titles, easy to follow instructors, free mail delivery, express returns, cancel anytime privileges, and 100% dvd quality!

1. Bronze – 1 DVD at a time for $15.95 per month
2. Silver – 3 DVDs at a time for $30.95 per month
3. Gold – 5 DVDs at a time for $40.95 per month


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